Mission, Vision & History


Our mission at Trinity Day Academy is to provide a safe and therapeutic learning environment that serves and supports students by addressing the whole child. Students will be provided with a rigorous education that is aligned to state standards. They will be given intensive clinical supports to provide them with the social, emotional and academic tools necessary in preparation for transition into mainstream schools, college, military or workforce.


We are committed to developing a community of confident and empowered, life-long learners who are effective problem-solvers, have an appreciation for diversity and exhibit self-confidence, self-regard and respect for others. Students will be supported in developing their individual academic needs, life skills, self-efficacy and relationship building in order to achieve their future goals.


Trinity Day Academy is a therapeutic and academic environment that prepares young adults to become confident life-long learners who are effective problem solvers and decision makers. Thus, our administration, faculty, and staff provide a safe and secure environment in which all students can learn and thrive.

Because our students are valued individuals with unique personal and academic needs, we offer innovative programs and strategies to help them develop their strengths and self-esteem. Our students benefit from a climate of cultural diversity that increases their appreciation of different people and cultures. Together we share the mission of helping students become academically proficient, responsible, and well-rounded citizens.

Trinity Day Academy is a special education day school for students age 11 through 22 in grades 4-12. We reside at 181 Hillman Street in the former New Bedford Vocational High School building. Our student population derives from a diverse cultural and economic background that has been identified as needing a more therapeutic setting than the "traditional" student. TDA seeks to recognize and nurture the talents and strengths of each student while re-mediating areas of academic weakness through multi-sensory teaching approaches. Our school is a safe and nurturing environment fostering the academic and social growth of each child.

Trinity Day Academy is comprised of students who have been diagnosed with a social/emotional disability. TDA is designed to meet the needs of its students in small group settings. TDA prides itself on their outstanding, talented and qualified teaching staff, which is certified as special education teachers by the state of Massachusetts. While TDA follows the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, all teachers modify their teaching style to account for the diverse learning styles. An after-school enrichment program is available to all TDA students. All students participate in group and individual counseling with a certified school adjustment counselor. Students, who are referred, have additional counseling with one of our school-based therapists. Every student at TDA works on a behavior modification system that supports successful behavior which is goal-based.