Administrative Team
Christopher Oliva                  Principal     [email protected] 
 Jamen Penney              Clinical Manager [email protected]
 Monica Leonetti Special Education Facilitator [email protected]
 Kellee Weeks Teaching and Learning Specialist      [email protected]
 Marcia Andrade Clerk [email protected]
Shane Harris  School Resource Officer  [email protected]

Teaching Team
Jason Antonio  [email protected] 
Dara Baptiste  [email protected] 
Liam Corbett  [email protected] 
 Brooke Gomes [email protected] 
 William Kalagher [email protected]
    Jennifer Mahoney [email protected]
Sean Mahoney  [email protected] 
 Carol Medeiros [email protected] 
 Steven Miranda [email protected] 
Christopher Parker  [email protected]
 Patricia Stewart [email protected] 
 Randy Tavares [email protected] 
 Jerry Travers [email protected]
 Nicholas Walecka [email protected]

School Adjustment Counselor and Behavior Specialists
 Jacqueline Pereira School Adjustment Counselor [email protected] 
 Dana Roderick School Adjustment Counselor [email protected] 
 Alexis Sanders School Adjustment Counselor  [email protected] 
 Shannon Antonio Behavior Specialist [email protected]
 Jarren Delgado Behavior Specialist [email protected]
 Tyrone Pina Behavior Specialist   [email protected]
 Anthony Roderick Behavior Specialist [email protected]
 Jade Shadburn Behavior Specialist [email protected] 

Support Staff             
 Melissa Brum Paraprofessional  [email protected] 
 Nathan Freitas Paraprofessional [email protected] 
 Bryon Heyes Custodian [email protected] 
 Patricia Martin Paraprofessional  [email protected] 
 Pamela Moinheiro Paraprofessional [email protected]
 Nicole Paiva Paraprofessional [email protected]
 Toni Pires Cafeteria [email protected] 
Karina Sovik-Correia School Nurse [email protected] 
Veiga, Bryce  Custodian [email protected]